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About Nini


Nini has helped me for many years and continues to be an enormous support in my life. Three years ago her Abundance class changed my life. I was overcome with an appreciation of what I already had and of the wonder and goodness in my life. I found that I needed “no thing” and that gratitude is the way to happiness. Even as I meet challenges every day, when I look at my life and my surroundings I know I am blessed. – Roberta Holleman, Cotati, California

We got to know Nini for a wonderful three weeks, and we did not had a dull moment! Nini taught us knowledge that any student on earth would wish for himself. Her teaching methods were simple, filled with humor, brought through stories that hypnotized us and bubbled us with laughter. What was very prominent was her love for each and every one of us. She made us feel important, meaningful, and loved, and that there is no one of us better than the other. A very special attentiveness and great caring characterizes her. She created a fun, peaceful atmosphere. – Israel Theta Healing Group

My Theta Healing session with Nini was absolutely amazing-life changing. I had a mass on my head for more than 16 years that doctors described as an “un-absorbed clot.” After my session with her it had shrunk to 1/4 of the size it had been and I quit smoking cold turkey. – Kris C., Idaho Falls

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History of Healing

In 1990, I established an alternative healing clinic in Santa Rosa and since that time have had the honor (privilege) of witnessing countless healings of clients with seemingly hopeless diagnoses. I did undergraduate studies at Stanford and continued studies in China, India and England and to this day continue to study and explore new modalities of healing. I served on the staff at Kaiser Permanente and the Integrative Medical Center in Santa Rosa until I left to devote myself to private practice.  In 2000 I met and studied with the world famous renowned Vianna Stibal and over the years, I have taken sabbaticals to teach classes around the world. In my practice, each client’s treatment is uniquely designed and modified to stimulate their body’s natural healing response. Regardless of the presenting symptoms–physical, mental, emotional or spiritual–all are intertwined and equally responsive to positive healing outcomes once the underlying causes are discovered. I have found  over the years that the gentlest approaches are the most successful for optimal healing and I am continually moved by the magnificence of the human brain and body’s ability to evolve and restore health. When this occurs clients become empowered. This is my ultimate mission in serving others.