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Nini, Intuitive Anatomy, New Delhi 2012

This is a class you do not want to miss.

I A New Delhi, 2012

Vianna has often referred to Intuitive Anatomy as the pivotal class for people seriously interested in changing their lives and absolutely crucial for those students who wish to make theta healing their career; This in depth class takes people to a level of knowing and proficiency in abilities to witness successful healing’s on themselves and others, and brings students to the level of Masters. Each system with its accompanying beliefs transforms the individual. The class is 70 percent hands on, and thru consistently working on themselves and each other, a student begins to see into the body and into the depths of their own psyche as well as others. The class enables students to see another’s reality and to recognize the origins of disease thru the discovery of particular beliefs as they become contributing factors to particular disease processes.

The result is that self sabotaging actions which have resulted in disappointment, despair and regret in the past can be absolved by discovering the triggering beliefs which are responsible not only for physical illness, but emotional and spiritual ones as well. Life long sabotaging behaviors can be discovered eliminated and replaced with positive ones that allow the student to succeed in any area of their life Nini Guerard who has been in private practice for over 25 years, brings her wisdom of Chinese medicine and years of apprenticeship with Vianna, making the class an unforgettable experience. Students will see, feel and know and learn the differences between diseases, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, fungus and parasites, how to clear them and prevent their reoccurrence. Unique to this Intuitive Anatomy Nini will also be her years of experience in Chinese medicine and the art of Chinese nutritional cooking  at no charge as part of the curriculum for students who are interested.

In January of this year, Vianna invited Nini to come with her to India, where she spent the days in class assisting her and the evenings after class learning new and wonderful material to share with others She has been assisting Vianna for many years and continues to study with her. She began teaching Intuitive Anatomy in 2005 after five years of studying it with Vianna.

 She is scheduled to teach in Austin Spring 2012 this is an incredible opportunity for those wanting to transform their lives and live the life they are meant to.

She is inviting any student of hers to repeat this class for the nominal fee of materials and expenses of $100.00 per week. She also offers partial scholarships, to help motivated students. Anyone can apply for these scholarships by contacting her office directly and sending a letter outlining their purpose for taking the class, and their particular needs. Please contact her to inquire about remaining scholarship positions.

She is currently working on a book project so is limiting her classes.  She is however scheduled to teach in Austin Spring 2012, which will be an  incredible opportunity for any student to receive new information Nini recieved in New Delhi. Nini will also be bringing her knowledge of Chinese medicine and be giving lessons after hours on Qi Gong and cooking with Chinese medicial herbs. Nini has taugh many Intuitive Anatomies, but because of this new information she has  received, it will be her best Intuitive Anatomy yet. Nini is extending an invitation to all of her former Intuitive Anatomy students to re-join her class at the nominal fee.


This is a class you do not want to miss.

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