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Manifesting & Abundance

ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance Seminar

DNA ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance – Requirements DNA Basic and command of the structure of belief systems and consent of the instructor.

Abundance Course…

Discover in this phenomenal class deeply hidden beliefs that sabatoge your dreams from manifesting abundance in all areas of your life- love, harmonious relationships, health, career and money. Vianna has generously shared techniques which previously were given to her which changed the course of her life. People report that this class has for many, the most profound and immediate effect on their lives.

The first day of class students fill out a most unusual questionaire which successfully triggers the unconscious to conscious awareness. Those sabatoging beliefs held at the deepest level almost always escape detection.

Some of the common blocks, beliefs, and self sabatoging negative habits include but are not limited to fear, self doubt, self criticism, complaining, self pity, holding on to past resentments, grudges, sense of unfairness, victimization, discouragement, defeatism, despair, procrastination, perceived guilt, shame and regrets, vows and oaths, misplaced loyalty, hesitancy, poor boundaries, low self esteem, projection, defensiveness, perceived negative consequences of abundance (i.e. jealousy, loss of friendships and family, over-responsibility or guilt for being more successful than others).

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