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Intuitive Anatomy

Price $2000 CAD plus applicable taxes

Dates: September 26-30 October 3-7 October 10-14

$100 CAD discount after enrollment in initial course on each additional course taken!*


This course teaches you through systems in the body, using intuitive anatomy. You will go through the levels of beliefs and programs to see what is holding diseases and other ailments in the body.

“Meet” the kidneys and the diseases that are associated with them. Learn what beliefs draw these illnesses and how to change them for the better. Learn the programs associated with fungus in the body.

This class is for continual progression of your intuitive abilities. Every day of participation you will uncover blocks held in each system. You will practice in exercises with other members of the class, and all work is voluntary. This class is an unbelievable experience that will enhance your abilities to work with yourself and those around you. This is a must to open up your intuitive gifts!

Prerequisites: Two other classes, with mastery of the basics of ThetaHealing® and permission of the instructor.






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