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In 2011 Nini introduced the world premier class in Tokyo which was a phenomenal success : !

Her first Scheduled class in 2012 Nini will be conducting this class in Austin, TX. April and  Santa Rosa, CA;  word

has followed her  and she  has recently been invited to Dubai, Poland and Australia and is excited to go once her literary work is completed. Parties interested in hosting Nini in 2013, please fill out contact form here.


In June 2011, Nini travelled to Tokyo Japan to present a class on Sound and Color Healing.  She then travelled to do a benefit class and session in Sendai Japan for victims of the Tsunami and their families. The classes were a huge success and she will be giving the class again in Vancouver in September 2011.


This 2 day event covers the history of Sound and Color Healing, the healing of the ancient past, its current uses in medicine and its emerging role as the medicine of the future.  Nini draws from many varied sources from the ancient chinese and escoteric teachings to the current research of brilliant minds, to the projection of the future destiny of medicine.  A fascintating course which has great practical implications.  The student will learn two distinct methods of healing with tuning forks, and their corresponding colors… Demonstrations of session of using acupuncture points and simple chakra balancing techniques using color and sound healing combined will allow the student to begin healing themselves with these powerful and simple techniques.  We are color.  We are sound.  Everything in the Universe has a vibration and corrresponding frequencies, working with these these frequencies through tuning forks and color is an exciting adventure into the amazing pheoneomena of life itself…