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Seems every time I turned around I was telling people about wonderful NINI G.

June 22, 2015

Hi Nini –
Did you feel the love being sent to you at the end of last week thru the weekend? Seems every time I turned around I was telling people about wonderful NINI G. AND, I told them all they should look you up for future classes! (I was the lone Texan in the room for this class…with South Africans, Norwegians, Italians and LOTS of Californians!)
Yes, I completed Advanced DNA in Idaho Falls with Vianna…and, I told her what you said I should tell her – and she confirmed it all!!! Thank you! Of course – mentioning your name to her made her entire body shift into L_O_V_E mode (you know the look when people FEEL it all over)…for both of us! I hope to connect with you again soon and KNOW that your instruction was so perfect for carrying forward with Theta training…and much much more for me – thank you!!!
Now, I must practice, practice, practice – and look forward to Intuitive Anatomy. I hope you are grand…and your YouTube vids are fabulous. Much love to you…
Nan Ray
PS – Tell Kiley I think of her often – and consider the fact that my “mirror-issue” partner was truly MY MIRACLE in your class in Austin for Theta Healing Basic training. Thru her – and of course your guidance – I have had the opportunity to clear, clean-up, reflect, deal-with, and accept the some of the life lessons I have learned with love…and release the negatives associated with much. Thank you both for that little miracle – and miraculous gift! Much love to both. Blessings and peace this summer, our family is off to Italy and Greece to tour around….we cannot wait!!!

Idaho Falls, ID