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It was so so wonderful being around such loving people the energy was great!

June 22, 2015

My experiences with theta healing with Nini
Let me introduce myself; I am a middle class 53 year old white female from a somewhat dysfunctional family. I was raised with a religious background but was never forced into any religious beliefs. I have always believed in a higher power, God! I do not believe in organized religion which i feel is about control and money. I met Nini when a friend referred me to her as I needed to find a new acupuncturist about 5 years ago. This last year was particularly hard for me while being treated by Nini she suggested I may want to come to her Theta Healing classes this is not something I would do but being around Nini always makes me feel better so I thought I would try and go. Going to her workshop has had a wonderful effect on my life even though it was only a few weeks ago! It has given me my spirit back, something that I have not had since I was a very small child. The first day I went to the class open-minded but with no expectations. It was so wonderful being around such loving people the energy was great. After the first day I went home trying to soak up all I had experienced. While relaxing in the bathtub I was remembering some of the wonderful people I had met all who knew Nini with the exception of one man. I laid in the tub with jets caressing me as their faces appeared in my mind. When I thought of Terry, one of the classmates I saw her very clearly and around her was a soft white glowing light I had heard of auras before but never had seen one. It was a beautiful light I could not forget. The second day we looked at each other’s guardian angels I knew nothing about my partner nor did she know anything about me. While visualizing her angels I said in my mind, this is not going to happen then suddenly I realized I was trying too hard, and something Nini cautioned us not to do! So I told myself to just let it be and all at once I saw a man over her right shoulder.We both shared our experiences it was so awesome and it was real. The last day we were paired to do a healing on a person I was paired with a person who said he/she wanted to be healed but instantly I heard that this person did not believe it could happen. She had explained the importance of making sure a person felt safe, and that they were deserving and that they believed that they could be healed. I came away from there a different person, I wanted to experience more we just have to let it in. I will now seek it out the rest of my life and I can hardly wait till Nini’s next class. Thank you Nini and thank you Vianna. Nini told us so much about you and thank you for bringing your love to us all.

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Leslie A.