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Crystal Layout Class

Many people use this class to travel into past lives and/or future lives or visit other galaxies. It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, often leading to transformations that are gentle, yet powerful and good. Origins of phobias or fears can be found and released along with any patterns of dysfunction. Please bring a warm blanket and pillow with an eye pillow so that you may enjoy ultimate relaxation while drifting. This will be a fascinating experience with feelings of peace and detachment.

Crystals of choice: amethyst and quartz crystals are used around the body, and hematite can be used for grounding. The best stone for the third eye is quartz with fine lines of copper or silver throughout. Small stones such as Apache tears, ruby amethyst or quartz are used on the throat, and rose quartz is wonderful for the heart. The drivers used for your hands need to be perfectly round. Other appropriate crystals include lapis, moldavite and malachite.

A crystal grid is created by forming a network of crystals placed on specific areas on and around the body, creating a landing field somewhat like an airfield. The chakras are then balanced by specific tuning forks, which activate the journey.

These techniques were taught to Nini by Christine High, with additional information from Tela Star Hawk Lake, both wonderful teachers.

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