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Japan Testimonials

In June 2011, Nini travelled to Tokyo Japan to present a class on Sound and Colour Healing.  She then travelled to do a benefit class and session in Sendai Japan for victims of the Tsunami and their families. The classes were a huge success and she will be giving the class again in Vancouver in September 2011. 


Please read just a few  comments from her Japanese students who have asked her to return so they could continue to learn about this wonderful field of healing. along with a flyer describing the course.

Dear Nini, 

Thank you very much for your coming to Sendai.

You gave us your energy, courage, and love

through your volunteer seminar and sessions

for those who have lived in Tohoku region,

where the catastrophe hit in 3.11.

I feel gratitude and joy for your angelic visiting.

All members of your clients in Sendai seemed to be getting better

and some of them gives you message as bellow.

All of us would like to see you in Sendai again.

Take care and hope your splendid service!

with love, light and gratefulness

The head of Shiki-sai-ken (ART de VIVRE)


Dear Nini

Your pure love was deeply impressed my heart and hole of my body

because you touched my hands during your giving session.

After that, everything has changed dramatically.

Every time I can feel the shower of brilliant love and light.

Not only I but also my family has changed.

When I opened the door of my house,

incredible lights held me.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I am looking forward to seeing you again.

from Megumi Kikuchi

Dear Nini


I am Chiharu Saijyou.

You are so beautiful, sensitive like as a fairy.

I noticed I hadn’t truly heard any kinds of sounds

until I could have a wonderful time with you to feel your loving heart and

gentle energy.

I wished to pay more attention to the sounds in my life.

In fact, several days before your session,

I privately came across the big issues and had a bad condition.

Once I heard your voice and spend time with you,

my uncertain feeling had gone and released physically and mentally

even if my body was getting more light, in other word, comfortable.

Thank you very much for

your heartwarming atmosphere and wonderful session.

from Chiharu Saijou

Dear Nini,

Thank you very much for the chance to see you

and have your session from the bottom of my heart.

It was a kind of inflammation of veins

and didn’t need to take any medicine.

My Doctor said to me it would be naturally getting better in a few months.

After I have met you, I have decided to take “Theta Healing” courses near


“Theta Healing” is wonderful method.

Through your session, I am certain of my decisions following my heart.

I would like to say thank you for all of them

and please come to Sendai, again.

from Hiromi Toda

Dear one,

Thank you so very much for the lovely time I had in your office and the

wonderful patients staff and atmosphere, to say nothing of your incredible and

obvious joy, I shall never forget you coming inbetween clients to spray Kaori

and myself with the colour clearing! I loved every moment of it and only am sad

that I did not have more chance or time to visit with you. Bless you from the

bottom of my heart, and I look forward to our meeting again! Love to you and

your staff Nini

Dear Nini
Hello Nini , how do you do.
this is Rei from Japan.
Thank you very much for your last class and sessions in Japan.
We could have wonderful time with you,
Attached pls find picture on June 14.
At first , I was really not sure if I could understand your class,
as I did not know anything about sound healing etc,
but somehow I felt like  I have to go, and
it seems creater told me it it good for me, so I joined.
He was right!
I was really lucky, too lucky to believe the miracle came true…
It was just one week ago from your class
when I suceeded in comunicating with my angel like that.
What a perfect timing, thanks my angels!
Also, I received cash back for windows of the sky frm Kotomi after the session,
I am very pleased to your kindness, it really helped me.
Well,  I have received message frm  you to us on July 4th,
thank you for your warm message and many information.
I am looking forward to meet you again.
I will keep studying more about Theta Healing.
Pls take care, see you.
Thanks for reading,
Very truly yours
Rei Takeuhi