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Rainbow Children, BC

Rainbow Children

Price: $950 CAD plus applicable taxes
Non-refundable deposit: $200 CAD
Date: October 17 18 19 20
Time: 9 am to 4:30 pm each day.

$100 CAD discount after enrollment in initial course on each additional course taken!*


Vianna witnessed her own spontaneous, instant healing from cancer in her leg. After her leg was healed, she spent many years perfecting this simple yet effective technique that has changed the lives of thousands. Her love is felt throughout her ThetaHealing classes. This class fulfills Vianna’s vision of teaching the Rainbow Children.

Rainbow Children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive children, teens, and young adults. A Rainbow Child is a child born with infinite wisdom and the ability to change the world around them. Since the time of the ancients the world has waited for the extremely loving and adaptable Rainbow Children to come in with their boundless love and patience. Indigo Children ushered in a new age and can be influenced by negativity around them, but can now shift to Rainbow Children.

Through the Seven Planes of Existence students will learn wonderful ways to communicate with angels and plants; how to heal with crystals; how to connect to power animals; drumming and totems, plus develop there telekinesis; and know how to change auras and heal animals.






Learn How To Access The Incredible Healing Powers Within You!