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Our little Christmas miracle

June 22, 2015

hello Nini, i have finally gotten a hold of a computer to describe the testimonial about the little sparrow that was sitting right beside the virgin of Guadalupe… ok well it was like two days or maybe the day before Christmas Eve and we went to go get a Christmas tree for Nini’s house since it looked so barren without it anyways we locked up everything and left to home depot to get the tree we were gone approximately for an hour or so when we came back Nini asked if i can come with her upstairs to check on the candles she had lighted before we left and if there was nothing on fire lol anyways we went open the bathroom door and Nini cried out Diana! Diana! Come look! I ran over expecting to see a fire but instead i saw a little sparrow sitting right beside the statue of the virgin Mary we let the sparrow out and you know that made me think.. We had to open some windows since all of them were closed even the bathroom door was closed there was nobody in the house that could’ve let something in so i turn to nini and said: “Nini how did that little sparrow get in if everything was shut and locked?”
Our little Christmas miracle
Thank you Nini and hope to see you soon eternally yours

Diana L
Taylor TX