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I was delighted and bemused.

June 22, 2015

From my experiences with Nini I feel she solidly places her consciousness in whatever place and atmosphere necessary to understand the truth
that is present and co-change it if wished. She has read the emotions of a loved one, channeled a letter, called me with an answer a few
minutes after I had thought that I needed a clear definitive indication to do something, knew a dream, and changed my beliefs.
Since taking the first course in the “ThetaHealing” series from her, I feel my intuitive abilities are beginning to develop. In one instance, I
awoke at two o’clock in the morning to receive an email at precisely the moment after it was sent, which shows, to me, I have a deep intuitive connection with
the person who sent it. In another instance, I wished to experience the presence of a known resident spirit of a restaurant. Moments after I thought it would be
an interesting experience to witness the spirit’s presence a light flickered and then went out, as if to get my attention. A few moments later the stem and
shade of the light hanging next to it moved wildly. After subsiding to stillness the movement occurred again. I was delighted and bemused.
I feel Nini is so physically and intuitively present and a wonderful facilitator for those who wish her intuitive council.

D. Peterson
San Francisco Bay Area