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I had no idea what Nini was about; I just knew that I needed to meet her.

June 22, 2015

I met Nini about seven years ago, referred to her by my aunt. I had no idea what Nini was about; I just knew that I needed to meet her. At that time I was going through a divorce and wanted some closure, I thought she might be able to help. I also had cervical cancer and was scheduled for a hysterectomy in the next 6 months. Thirty years old, divorced, and no children. I walked into Nini’s office and she talked to me for a few minutes and said that I had a child spirit around me….well the tears started….Nini proceeded to ask me if I wanted a healing for my cancer so that I would be able to have children. What a question huh. I said sure, what else could I say, and away she went. Nini witness a healing by Creator around my cancer, my ex-husband, and some mother issues. I returned to the Dr. the following week, took a test and the medical field was amazed. No cancer, but they wanted to make sure so I continued with my appointments every three months for three years, until I requested a letter stating I was cancer free. I am 6 years cancer free, blessed with a wonderful husband and a perfect little 1 year old son name Landon Richard Romo. The other gift I received is that I am currently a practitioner and I am in love with Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal and Nini Guerard.

Kimberly R.