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June 22, 2015

Dearest Nini, Vianna, and all of God’s ThetaHealing angels,
I am writing a testimonial, from my experience with Nini Guerard in Austin, this past November 2008. I have been on a path for some time now, seeking enlightenment, healing and encouragement, after both of my twin boys, Kaden and Konnor, were diagnosed with being on the spectrum of Autism, having pervasive developmental delays (PDD) and being “behind” in many areas of physicality, but being brilliant, both spiritually and mentally.
I found Vianna’s website, looking up practitioners in my area here in Texas, and found Nini’s phone number. I called her as soon as I could. I’ll never forget that when I called, she was beginning her first class on ThetaHealing certification within a few minutes. She was literally starting the course within 30 minutes of my call, and she asked if I could come as soon as possible. I had been introduced to ThetaHealing already by my dear friend, Annie Macdonald in Park City, Utah, who had told me that I was a natural, and should become a Theta healer. I took her advice.
My husband was out of town and returning that same night — so I got to Nini’s house the next morning — as soon as I could. I was completely intrigued and open to the idea of using the techniques on my own children (and hopefully on others after learning!) I felt that my calling her at precisely the right moment was God’s timing, and I felt very led to follow my hunch on this one. No doubt my angels and guides were cheering me on.
In addition to following my intuition, I recalled my own brushes with psychic phenomenon and angels in the past; my near-death experience when I was 13 years old, falling into a glass coffee table, impaling myself with the glass, puncturing my right kidney and the artery and bleeding to death before I could get to a trauma unit at the hospital and instead waking up after surgery three days later, with incredible peace and serenity and telling doctors things about my own body that they needed instruments to detect, yet somehow “I knew” what they needed to do.
Everyone was baffled. And I was later told by a couple of different psychics that I was a “wounded healer,” a “pet healer,” and one person I’d never met before said, “I had fire coming out of my torso when I walked, that I was a healer who would walk in many foreign lands and work with children of dark skin,” this and more — from hawks to wolves to rabbits, mockingbirds, cats and dogs — I’ve had animals of all types literally fly and walk into my yard and home — I’ve had people dying, people seeing me before they died, and encounters with the wounded for a long time. These encounters have freaked me and others around me out for years. I just didn’t get it.
Dismissing most of this as nonsense or not paying very much attention to it at all for many, many years, I became more than aware of the unseen world around us all, after giving birth to my two amazing boys in 2005. At the time of my pregnancy and their birth, I felt they were “special” and that they were little “magical wonders” knowing things without me saying anything at all, with a light that shines bright. People notice it at stores, at their schools, and have asked me on more than one occasion why they’re so happy and why they never cry…strange questions to me… but I know that something bigger is going on.
Finally at 40 years old, I’m listening! I get it. I am trusting in God totally now and hear the inner knowledge and the Creator’s love! That love led me to Nini and I just know that I was meant to meet her, and the boys were meant to find her for a bigger purpose than I completely understand.
After the wonderful 5-day class in Taylor near Austin, at Nini’s beautiful Victorian home, I have had an amazing transformation. Not only was her class experience magical, but I have had incredible peace and wisdom since following ThetaHealing and what Nini’s class focused on — love and infinite wisdom from the Creator. I felt like I REMEMBERED everything, and that this is an incredible modality to help others in their lives. Nini’s brilliant and loving interpretation of Vianna’s book and manuals for learning was an amazing experience. And I believe that all who attended who truly felt the love, gained incredible insight into ThetaHealing at a deep, soul felt level.
An intricately detailed process, but one that can be simply learned and utilized, I love THETAHEALING!!! And since attending the class/workshop, the boys have moved forward unexplainably fast! And I expect they will go even farther and be healed from any delays that have been encountered up to now, yet keeping their incredible spirituality, advancing in all areas at the speed of light.
Nini came for a special visit to meet Kaden and Konnor, and it was like they knew she was coming! They were so excited to see and meet her, and since then, Kaden and Konnor have been talking much more plainly. (Since most of the time they are telepathic, they haven’t really spoken much at all, or talked where very many people, besides me, have understood them.) But an amazing incident happened after they met Nini; Kaden came in to see me in my bedroom about 2 weeks ago, bringing me my mobile telephone and saying, “Hello Nini!”
I took this as a queue to give her a call, that he wanted to speak to her; he got on the phone and told her hello just as plainly as a grown up. This has never, ever happened before. He said, “Hello Nini!” I was in awe!! I was speechless.
I look forward to their complete and total healing and I’m excited that they will be learning (or remembering) how to apply ThetaHealing techniques in their lives, passing it on to others with Creator’s love and blessings. I am so grateful to Nini for making this all happen and for allowing me the honor of being a part of her wonderful instruction in Taylor. And I look forward to taking more classes in Idaho in 2009, and hopefully meeting Vianna in person. Nini has said so many wonderful things about her involvement with Vianna and her love and amazing healing experiences. I just know that this was all predestined and something that I was meant to do from the beginning — and now my life’s journey is finally making perfectly magical and amazing sense. Thank you so very, very much!
Blessings to you all,
Love and light,

Kelly R
Austin, TX