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Nini Guerard is a warm, loving, effervescent, and a high-energy charismatic person that has a genuine love and dedication to help those who come to her seeking help.

June 22, 2015

Nini Guerard is a warm, loving, effervescent, and a high-energy charismatic person that has a genuine love and dedication to help those who come to her seeking help. She goes out of her way to ensure her guests and students are comfortable at the house and with the course being taught. She has a very wide repertoire of healing modalities including acupuncture, crystal healing, color therapy, sound therapy, and Theta Healing. I attended her weekend advanced DNA class in Taylor, Texas in October 2006 and stayed at her beautiful airy and spacious house. This peace house was full of many interesting musical instruments; lots of crystals, tuning forks, and other tools used in her various healing modalities. There was a wonderful garden in surrounding the house with lots of places to sit and meditate. I was amazed at how quickly the world of concerns had melted away after a sound sleep and a day and a day at a serene place. It was a place of quietude, a place to re-center oneself, contemplate, and become more aware of the body, mind and soul connection. Nini brings to the class a high degree of spontaneity and a very clear creative impulse to do things differently. The class was informal, very informational, and well-paced. You learn by participation and experience, but mainly from the stories she tells that are experiences of Vianna’s and her own healing practice and personal life. She teaches her class with enthusiasm, and tells her stories with light hearted flare and humor. Her stories are chalked full of miracles, refreshing, enchanting, awe-inspiring, sometimes painful, and other times belly aching hilarious. I believe that spending a short time with Nini would convert any hardcore skeptic to open up to the possibility that miracles and wonderment are a moral part of life. During the believe work, Nini quickly saw my blocking believe and effortlessly pulled them to help build up my boundaries and communication skills as well helped with my tooth infection. The belief work was intense at time but was offset by plenty of laughter inside and outside the house. The group quickly bonded at the bbq place just a short drive away. There was amble time to stretch and move around even thought the class had a fast pace.

When I met Nini in October 2006, I was a newcomer to the intuitive arena in that I just discovered my own intuitive abilities in July. I had a difficult time understanding it, let alone accepting and trusting it. I come from a computer science background and having had limited exposure to alternative healing and energy work, this was foreign turf for me. Though I was skeptic, I felt instantly at ease with Nini from the first time i spoke to her on the phone.
Nini is most noted for doing a special acupuncture session called “Windows In The Sky” which is activated specific acupuncture points that open up the spiritual channels and connection of a person. The effect and the journey of the activation is different for each person.
I had the Windows In The Sky done on the last day of class right after a crystal layout session where I went to a past life where I was an artist, although I was creative I didn’t see myself as an artist in the present life. The Windows session lasted for about five hours and felt like a very safe and blissful lsd trip. During the session I was the open sea, and my waves gently rocked back and forth slowly to and from the shores. When the waves went out to the open sea it took me to a pat life and when the waves came to shore, it brought me back to my present life. With each successive wave I saw new details of how this particular past effected my present. When I came back to the present, I felt the gifts and messages from my past life integrate gently into my present life.

The Windows In The Sky session grounded me in a profound way. Coming back to NYC, I was sure that there were higher powers working in my benefit. I felt so much more connected with all that is, and to myself. I live each day with more clarity and confidence in my own abilities.
I’m very honored to have met Nini who is a wonderful, gracious, teacher, and amazing storyteller and healer. I’m glad that she is part of my Theta Healing circle of friends. If there is one thing that I got out from being with her over that enchanting and intense weekend was that all things are possible, and miracles happen all the time. My sense of perspective was restored, inner peace filled my heart, and, though I wasn’t looking for it, the dormant artist in me was brought forth from the past to the present and allowed to shine. Nini’s sanctuary had worked its magic.