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Nini not only helped mom with her back pain, but was able to reconnect my mother and I with Staci which was of course the greatest gift to us.

June 22, 2015

I am a friend of Nini’s. She cannot say enough wonderful things about you. She says you are the one who taught her everything she knows. She also told me a little bit about what your daughter is going through right now, and thought that I might be of some help.
First I should tell you how I came to know Nini. My mother and I are from Santa Rosa and My mom was referred to Nini for back pain. Her first appointment, before Nini even started working on mom, she heard something form my sister Staci who had passed one year before, in labor. So Nini not only helped mom with her back pain, but was able to reconnect my mother and I with Staci which was of course the greatest gift to us. And through that we have become very close through the years.
3 years ago my husband and I got pregnant. Around 21 weeks we were told that there were problems with my placenta and that our little boy was not growing properly. I went on bed rest for 3 weeks seeing the specialists in Atlanta and my OBGYN here in town every few days. Then I was transferred to the hospital in Atlanta. At 27 weeks his heart was showing signs of distress and they performed and emergency C-Section. He weighed less than a pound and was too tiny. I held him in my arms until he was gone.
I was married years before and lost a baby by miscarriage. That was right after we lost Staci in labor; she had what is called an amniotic embolism. Tyler, her son passed three months to the days after her. An amniotic embolism is extremely rare, with no explanation as to how it happens or why, and with my strange placenta, which they say is also very rare, with no explanation, the DR.’s had strongly suggested we not have children.
Being a mother is all that I have ever really wanted in this life. I always knew that I would be a mother, so this news was more than heartbreaking for me. My husband Adam was on board with the Drs. He too decided that we would not be having any children.
About 8 months ago, I was talking to Nini and she told me that Rylee my son had been coming to her wanting her to get in touch with me. He wanted her to tell me that he wanted to come back. And that he knows how scared I am but that I don’t have to be. Everything will be fine. Of course I did not believe her at first since for 3 years I had believed that I would never have any more children. And as a woman having to tell myself that I wouldn’t be a mother and trying desperately to find peace with that is near impossible.
Nini wanted me to use the wool cloth with castor oil every day, Which I did, almost every day. She said that she saw me getting pregnant in about 3 months, that it would be Ryle’s spirit but it may not be the same sex. I was not to share any of this with my husband since this is too far from his beliefs. (He was raised a Pentecostal Baptist).
So here I am thinking ok. I am going to use the wool and castor oil, no problem, but how do I get my husband on board with this? How do I even begin to talk to him about this again? I prayed so hard about this. I asked God and Staci and Rylee to please show me a way to talk to Adam about this. That if Rylee was really to come back to me; how do I bring this up to Adam, especially when I am not supposed to share any of my conversations with Nini with him. Well I didn’t have to worry about that. A week later, I was pregnant. 3 months after Nini had told me I would be.
Nini kept saying, Jami everything is going to be fine. Don’t worry about anything. (not very easy for me i worried anyway). My dear friend out here in Georgia is also my OB. She was scared to death. But every test we have taken, every picture I have of this baby, everything has been perfect. So I am now 23 weeks along, with a perfect and healthy little girl who I have named Ryane.
I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be here in this moment, with a healthy baby growing inside of me. And without Nini, I wouldn’t be here. I would of never tried with Adam. My prayers would of been so different. She was right. Nini was right about every single thing she shared with me.
She told me that the feelings she had about me and Rylee, are the same feelings she has for your daughter. I know how hard it is to go through what she is going through. And I also know how hard it is to beleive that something wonderful can happen, when nothing wonderful has for so long. I encourage your daughter, when she is ready to talk with Nini. And believe in her heart, that that child can and will return to her. I am here for your daughter as well. I would love to talk with her. Listen or share my story, someone who has been through it too. I hope this is helpful to you both.

May God bless you and your family,

Jami Lyn H