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There is something different about Nini.

June 22, 2015

My name is Tina S. and I had the pleasure of working with Nini in her practice until she closed it in 2005 and went to Texas. She is back now and everyone is so excited, but keeping Nini in one spot is a challenge! I never believed in fairies until I came to work for her as one of her assistants.
It’s never a dull moment around Nini and boy did my sense of reality expand. I love her with all my heart and so did all of her patients, who could not? She gave 100 percent and so many times she would not charge people, she hired me to help her handle money but she was constantly giving away treatments and herbs so I had to become the one to handle the money. To this day I do not believe she ever really knew or cared how much cash she made or gave away. There was another assistant and together we did what we could to keep her grounded. So many “supernatural+ things happened there that it would take a book to tell them all so I will just tell a few. It seemed like Nini could really communicate with fairies and let them get away with al lot because they would make magical things happen. One month I had to buy over 10 office keys because they would just disappear and there are witnesses to it. The Chiropractor that shared her office used to call her desk the NINI TRIANGLE. Just as things would disappear things that were never there would materialize mostly jewelry. Sometimes the fairies would even take things from clients and Nini would have to demand them to bring them back. It was always fun and everyone was happy around her even if they came in sad. She had 2 treatment rooms both filled with crystals and angels and fairies but there was one room in which more supernatural things seemed to happen. One day this lady saw a rainbow and got cured. Another time in front of another patient and Me Nini voiced out loud that she needed a sign that day to continue on a difficult path she had chosen. She told the creator that it had to be a huge sign like a burning bush. A few hours later this woman called from Lourdes France that she had not spoken with for over a year, I got the message and ran to get her. It was simple, this woman told her that Mother Mary had given her a message to contact Nini and asked her to pray for her. We kept that message for weeks. Another time a lady came for acupuncture for the first time and was lying on her stomach when she asked who the little girl was that was laughing. Nini told her not to worry, she assumed that her patient knew that the little girl was not alive; she then asked Nini if she was her daughter because she left the room when Nini did. When she took the needles out and I was in the room taking notes she sat up and asked where the little girl was. Nini and I looked at each other and then Nini told her that there was no little girl that it was a spirit she freaked out and ran out but the next day called and said she wanted to come back. She said she wanted to be in the same room I explained to her that that was not how it worked. Sometimes things just happened but you could not force them.
Nini used to work at the hospital but soon she was working so much that she had to quit the hospital. even though people could get acupuncture there for only ten dollars they followed Nini and paid more to be with her. One day a very important person who knows about Nini and her studies with Vianna asked for Nini’s help. She said that a friend of her family was in intensive care and that Nini would not be able to see her. She said that the doctors did not know what was wrong with her but her immune system was attacking itself and that her lungs were involved but it was something they did not know how to handle. She told me to tell her that she only had 5 minutes as she had both treatment rooms filled and she went to sit in her car to see if she could get any information. She came back and called her former boss and told her that the doctors needed to watch her heart and that there was a good chance that she would have a major heart attack in 18 hours. She conveyed the information to the doctors who must have been insulted, why of course they were watching her heart and vital signs. !8 hours later the woman suffered a major heart attack and one of the heads of the hospital called Nini and asked her how she knew. She could not tell her how she knew other than she just heard it. It was from the Creator not Nini. Another time a 13 year old who came for theta was terrified of the dentist. She was also terrified of being put under anesthesia, and she refused Novocain. The problem was that she had to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled and refused to do it unless Nini was there Nini begged her to have Novocain or anesthesia but she could not talk the young girl into it. I remember Nini feeling horrible because she could not convince her and felt she would suffer great pain. Nini had told her about Vianna’s story of her daughter’s teeth and because she had great faith in Nini she insisted that her teeth be pulled without any Novocain or pain medication Nini sat outside the room with the girl’s mother and she made the command that the young girl feel no pain. A few minutes later, too everyone’s astonishment, she walked out of the dentist office both wisdom teeth pulled and no pain. Now that was some miracle but then b eing around Nini makes you believe in miracles. She would tell people about Vianna and she was always going to study with her, it used to be a joke is Nini going to be here next week? But they always waited for her and I know why, There is something different about Nini., It’s not just that she is kind and loving she is just different in a good way from anyone I have ever known and she seemed to have a positive effect on all her patients. Sometimes people would come and sit in the office even when they did not have an appointment just because it made them feel happy and peaceful. Everyone loved being around her.

Tina S.
Santa Rosa, California