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After the first week I have felt much more at peace with myself.

June 22, 2015

The Advance DNA Theta class that was presented by Nini Guerard was all and more than I ever expected. Her understanding and patience helped me learn and visualize more of what was expected of me as a theta healer.
To begin with, the many downloads that were subliminally sent through me entered through my crown chakra like lava running down a volcano. I understood the general digging process much better after the course, in being able to implement the “correct” interrogation techniques as well as how to be more prudent in applying them . Lastly, she guided her students through guided imagery of the seven planes of existence. In allowing her students to experience all seven spiritual planes, she allowed her students to work directly with the Creator at the seventh plane. Experiencing the sending of love to the baby in the womb was yet another very powerful experience.
Her presentation of the subject matter was quite unique. She shared her many experiences with the entire class and in the process I was able to also share my healing abilities. Through her “digging”/interrogating experience I was able to rid myself of years of acquired dualistic concepts that were only serving to stunt my personal growth which was in itself inhibiting the release of much of my personal karma. In summary after completing the healing session with Nini I not only released old dualistic patterns of thought but also replaced them with Light, Love, and free-will of the Creator.
After the first week I have felt much more at peace with myself. I see things with much more love and appreciation. The unconditional love technique was very appropriate for this class and I have sent much love to many since I’ve learned the powerful effect brought about by it. Thank You Nini for your guidance and example.

Joe Nunez
Southern California