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Windows of the Sky

Windows of the Sky are mystical points stimulated in the physical body that, when activated simultaneously, create a grid that allows the soul to enter different dimensions. Centuries ago, only royalty were allowed the experience. Many were put to death for revealing them; many believe the real published points of Windows of the Sky were hidden.

Nini knows that the gifts she possesses are gifts we all possess, that we are all equally loved and important and that each one of us, as a soul, has a destiny no greater or less than each other. Since 1999, Nini has been studying with world famous healer Vianna Stibal. She is a certified instructor in Vianna’s healing practices and has an international clientele. Nini activates the acupuncture points with tuning forks and crystals which brings incredible results. These points need only be activated once in a lifetime.

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